If you're looking for Personal trainings, Group sessions or Bootcamps i'm here for you! Together we will find out what your goals are and work towards them the way that suits you best.
Getting in shape can be a very hard and difficult proces and its my goal to make it as easy and enjoyable possible for you! Throughout the journey I will be there for you so we can get the best out of you.

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Perfect for those looking for a personal touch to fully reach their goals.


Do you like training but prefer to do it in a group in a challenging but fun environment. You can come and train with a few friends, your sports team or even your colleagues.


Want to head outside and get away from the gym but still get in the best shape possible? Or looking to create a healthy & active work inviroment. While getting trainings tailored to your needs and wants.



My good intention in January was, GET FIT!!! I needed help with that, so I followed a good friend's advice and contacted Alex. I wasn't sure what to imagine with Personal Training, so I entered the first time without any concrete expectations. Alex first looked very carefully at what I could do and discussed what my goal was. He has adjusted the program accordingly. After 15 minutes I was already sold! The hour flew by and I was already looking forward to the next week. The prediction that I would have muscle pain the next day came true, but that was soon over. I was surprised what we achieved in 10 weeks. I say "we" because Alex's encouragement and guidance has contributed a lot to that. My biggest kick was that after 10 weeks I could do an exercise that was absolutely unsuccessful in the first week. I can recommend this to everyone!


I have always hated gyms and I have never thought about Personal Training. So when my friend persuaded me to train with her at Alex I thought, ok let me try. I mainly sat at my desk or on the couch and I really wanted to get fit. The introduction to Alex was very pleasant and his approach really appealed to me, looking at what you can do and pushing your limits slightly every time. After ten weeks, I felt a lot fitter and smoother, and even more important, I no longer hate the gym! Alex's guidance has greatly contributed to this. I think this is a very good way to get off that couch and to be motivated about getting fit.




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